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Types of exhaust systems

Single Exit Pipe

Single Exit Pipe, also well-known as single side exhaust, is a standard type of exhaust system, used by auto manufacturers in vehicle production. As derived from the name, the system has one exhaust pipe to release the exhaust gases away from the engine. The tail pipe is commonly located behind the rear wheel on the passenger's side of a car, truck or SUV. Single side exhaust is a cost effective system that comes factory-installed on most cars and trucks.

Dual Rear Exit

Dual Side Exhaust system has nearly the same design and location, as the single pipe exhaust system. The one and major difference is in the quantity of exit pipes. This type of exhaust systems is constructed with two pipes. Both pipes are located near each other on the same side of the vehicle behind the rear passenger's side. Depending on the diameter of the exit pipes the sound of system's performance may vary. When the diameter is smaller, the deeper sound will be produced.

Opposite Dual Exhaust

Dual Rear Exit Exhaust is a popular exhaust system among those vehicles' owners, who want their car, truck or SUV look sportier and sound more aggressive. Like dual side exhaust system, this type has the same quantity of pipes. The difference is in pipes location. Dual rear exit exhaust system comes with two pipes that are fixed on the opposite sides under the rear bumper. Contrary to some other types of exhaust systems, the pipes are not bent around the vehicle's wheels. Comparing with the single exit pipe system, this type of exhaust is more efficient. Moreover, a driver will experience deeper sound, giving an impression of high-power engine under the hood.

Dual Side Exhaust

Opposite Dual Exhaust is also called extreme dual exit exhaust. It is a variation of the dual rear exhaust system. Opposite dual exhaust is mainly used on vehicles that tow heavy cargo. In order to improve the filtering process, the length of the pipes is increased and they are bent around the wheels. This construction makes it possible to decrease the residue that is released on the object that is towed. Besides the length and location of the pipes there is no major difference towards the other exhaust systems.

High Performance Exhaust Systems

High Performance Exhaust is usually offered as an aftermarket add-on. The system is custom-designed to fit the exact make and model. High performance exhausts comparing to standard exhaust systems are more expensive though they have more advantages. They can improve the performance of the engine, as well as increase its efficiency. Moreover, this type of exhaust systems is a stylish option which offers radically different sounds. Installation of the high performance exhaust is one of the ways to customize the vehicle.