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Corsa Exhaust Systems

Corsa Exhaust systems

Corsa in known to be the premium exhaust market leader. The main Corsa office is located in Berea, USA. Utilizing the latest RSC technology, which is patented, Corsa continues to enhance the quality of its products to please each customer. In 1998, the company entered the Corvette market. The company is working on the production of the most advanced exhaust systems. Each product is designed to satisfy the consumer's requirements.

The RSC (Reflective Sound Cancellation) technology allows Corsa exhaust systems available to correspond to the noise requirements of 90bd or less, reducing the noise of the car as well as increase the vehicle's performance. This technology provides sound levels that are quieter than sounds produced by OEM exhaust systems.

All Corsa products are designed to maximize horsepower and produce the sporty sound. The company utilizes the most advanced methods. All exhaust systems are 100% produced in the USA. Corsa engineers guarantee that the products are of the highest quality and fit every make and model perfectly.

The goal of the company is to produce the best products to enhance the driving experience of its customers. Available in the patented non-restrictive Straight-through design, Corsa exhaust systems reduce back pressure and free up additional power. Less back pressure and additional power mean that your engine is functioning more efficiently reducing fuel consumption.

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