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Banks Exhaust systems

Banks is an engineering company leader that was established in 1958 by Gale Banks, Banks Power president. The first office was located in Lynwood, California, and then the company moved to San Gabriel. Gale is the president of the manufacturing and engineering complex that numbers 200 employees and occupies 12 acres in the San Gabriel Valley.

The firm has world-class automotive people in the Mechanical Engineering Department who design and test the latest high performance equipment. The company's special project vehicles feature up-to-date gasoline and diesel development, multiple turbo applications, stunning horsepower and astounding style. The advanced electronic engineering technologies combined with the computer systems engineering are applied to the improvement of the engine, designing turbocharged engines from the center-line of the crankshaft.

The company can boast of having the breakthrough innovations in high performance development of diesel and gas engines including drive train and turbocharging. Banks Engineering is the firm that comes through a research and development to become the leader in the automotive industry. Chevrolet, Buick, GMC, Pontiac, and Volvo have a confidence in the company's capability and expertise.

Only the advanced facilities and equipment are used for testing Banks products, their experimental designs, quality and durability. All testing showed that Banks produces high quality products featuring unparalleled functionality and endurance. Banks exhaust systems are designed to exact vehicle's specifications.

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