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2008 Ford Ranger Catalytic Converter

There are a lot of exhausts available in the market that you can choose to get better performance. Created to carry exhaust gases away from the combustion chamber, the exhaust system increases the power of your vehicle's engine reducing air pollution and noise. In other words, the engine can "breathe" better consuming less fuel and producing more power. If the system is not working efficiently, it will cause damage to the engine.

If you want to replace your factory installed exhaust system, it's better to choose custom-designed one. Manufactured from durable corrosion-resistant material, this system lasts long keeping you on the road. Designed to fit your 2008 Ford Ranger exhaust systems, it will make your vehicle more fuel efficient and eco-friendly.

2008 Ford Ranger Exhaust Systems

Remove your restrictive stock pipes and upgrade the underhood with a powerful performance Exhaust system for significant power gains and tremendous torque. These Exhaust systems help to reveal horsepower and torque stolen by stock exhausts, due to their design, concentrated on sports aspect. Being properly designed, unlike your factory exhaust, they positively affect the sound, meaning a smooth, throaty growl.

2008 Ford Ranger Exhaust Headers

There's more power hiding under your hood than you can think of. The key to revealing the horsepower is obvious: exhaust headers. Unlike the restrictive inefficient exhaust header which came with your vehicle, Ford Ranger Exhaust headers are engineered for maximum flow efficiency. Once the combustion cycle is complete, exhaust headers save the engine from hot exhaust gas temperatures.

2008 Ford Ranger Mufflers

It's no secret that the combustion process is a series of explosions resulting in overwhelming noise. Revealing maximum horsepower without harsh resonance is possible due to Mufflers, designed to reflect and suppress the dissonant reverberations. While serving to quiet the exhaust down to acceptable levels, Ford Ranger Mufflers reduce the backpressure for maximum performance. Ford Ranger

2008 Ford Ranger Catalytic Converter

Identifying the disabled catalytic converter is undoubtedly a difficult task, but if your Ranger suffers from a decrease in gas mileage, a lack of torque, heat coming from the floor or a sulfur smell, it's time to replace your restrictive stock catalytic converter. While this component of stock exhaust system steals the power, it also creates pollution, harmful for passengers and the environment as well. Ford Ranger Catalytic converters are made to transform carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons to water vapor and carbon dioxide for clean emissions.

2008 Ford Ranger Exhaust Tips

You're getting the throaty growl with your performance exhaust system. You're receiving a maximum horsepower and tremendous toque. Your exhaust system is only missing one thing: a stylish exhaust tip. You can complete your exhaust system's look with hot Ford Ranger Exhaust tip for the radical reinvention of your Ranger's style. These mirror-polished tips add fine motorsport styling and catch everyone's attention. Designed to convert bare metal tailpipes into hot parts, these tips are affordable items to make a statement of your exclusive style.

2008 Ford Ranger Pipes

Racing and winning in Ford Ranger requires a certain passion for excellence and top performance. Because we share this passion, you are offered some extra power due to Ford Ranger Pipes. Allowing a restriction-free exhaust path, these pipes stimulate free scavenging which boosts your horsepower. These Pipes are mandrel-bent on CNC machines for the special shaping which allows to enhance the exhaust flow and suppress harmful backpressure. Apart from power gains, you'll get a reduction in overwhelming noise.