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1986 buick terraza Exhaust Headers

Exhaust headers

There's more power hiding under your hood than you can think of. The key to revealing the horsepower is obvious: exhaust headers. Unlike the restrictive inefficient exhaust header which came with your vehicle, 1986 Buick Terraza Exhaust headers are engineered for maximum flow efficiency. Once the combustion cycle is complete, exhaust headers save the engine from hot exhaust gas temperatures. While the gases are directed out of the engine compartment, your motor runs more efficiently. The reason for performance exhaust headers' efficiency is mandrel-bent tubing, which ensures the unrestricted exhaust flow.

Letting your engine breath easier, 1986 Buick Terraza Exhaust headers deliver an overall improvement in power, torque, throttle response, and fuel economy. Being dyno-tested for your Model, performance Exhaust headers are ideal, when it comes to off-road driving. 1986 Buick Terraza performance exhaust headers are designed for easy installation. However, professional installation might be a better solution for customers with little to zero experience in replacing auto parts.

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