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1968 maserati gransport Pipes

Exhaust Pipes

Racing and winning in 1968 Maserati Gransport requires a certain passion for excellence and top performance. Because we share this passion, you are offered some extra power due to Maserati Gransport Pipes. Allowing a restriction-free exhaust path, these pipes stimulate free scavenging which boosts your horsepower. These Pipes are mandrel-bent on CNC machines for the special shaping which allows to enhance the exhaust flow and suppress harmful backpressure. Apart from power gains, you'll get a reduction in overwhelming noise. Forget about restrictive stock pipes and discover one of the easiest ways to squeeze extra power out of your engine. The faster exhaust pipes carry the gas to the tail pipe, the faster you cruise and win. Whether you are everyday driver, or race enthusiast, 1968 Maserati Gransport pipes are perfect for you.

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